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Accepted cryptocurrency


The ALTCOINEX conventional exchange pairs like Fiat/BTC and BTC/Altcoin to allow a whole new kind of trading options.

Trade various digital Assets to Fiat

Trade on a powerful and expandable Engine

       Trade with a well balanced trading fee pricing

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Exchange Features

Easy access to digital assets with fiat money

Minimize the dependence on BTC from smaller assets or projects

Easy access to ICOs through the ALTCOINEX Token
Reduced trading Fees through the ALTCOINEX Token

  • 1’000’000+ order per second engine
  • 20+ possible advanced order types including trailing orders, OCO, post only and Iceberg
  • Advanced APIs, Binary, Web Socket, REST and custom APIs

Road Map

ALTCOINEX has a seven-stage roadmap summarized below. For more information, see our white paper.

Our Awesome Team


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David Potier (FOUNDER & CEO)

David is the contact person for all questions about investing in digital currencies. With experience as a fund manager and many years in the investment field of digital currencies, he brings a lot of knowledge to the ALTCOINEX project.
team memeber

Taras Bazyshyn(COO)

Taras is co-founder and CEO of one of the first investment companies in Canada dedicated to digital assets. After experience as a portfolio manager and belief in the innovative character of digital currencies, He now sets his focus with ALTCOINEX in a new direction.
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Yagub Rahimov

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Dawid Rashid

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Douglas Pike

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team memeber

Mike Balagna(ADVISOR - MONAX)

Mike Balagna has over 15 years of software architecture experience specializing in secure, scalable, and high-performance financial systems
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Lincoln Clay(ADVISOR - MONAX)

Lincoln Clay has over 15 years’ experience in futures trading and financial services. He was the first to automate electronic arbitrage on the Bittrex. Lincoln has developed numerous automated trading strategies and trading messaging systems.
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Dave has 10+ years of experience leading business development, sales, and growth within early stage technology companies, the last 4 years in FinTech.
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Alina Bondar(ADVISOR – MONAX)

With over 15 years in sales and business development, Alina has spent the last decade in publishing, research, and conferences within capital markets and the digital marketing industry
team memeber

Sam Mecham (ADVISOR - MONAX)

Sam Mecham has over 20 years of product development in the financial services industry, having spearheaded development in electronic trading, position keeping, P&L and risk management, compliance and STP.



Whitelisting will start soon, The PRE-ICO starts at 02.04.2018 18:00 UTC-5 and will be open till 12.04.2018 17:59 UTC-5 with a discount of 20%. The ICO Main Sale starts on 12.04.2018 18:00 UTC and will stay for 20 days, ends on 02.05.2018 17:59:59 or when the hardcap is reached.

Participation is simple and only takes a minute. Simply click on register button on altcoinex.trade and provide your information and pass the KYC. Please follow the guidelines, like only upload pictures of your ID/Passport with a minimum quality of 300 Dpi. (Passport is recommended for faster Whitelisting)

Pre-ICO: 1 ATC = $ 0.4 Tokens with 20% Bonus Main SALE: 1 ATC = $ 0.4 Tokens

PRE ICO: min. 0.1 ETH max. 330 ETH Main SALE: min. 0.1 ETH max. 330 ETH

Currently the United States. We recommend you familiarize yourself with your respective country’s rules and regulations with regards to ICO participation.

ICO participants will get 3 months of free trading on ALTCOINEX Exchange. ICO participants will have the option to run an affiliate program. The ALTCOINEX Token can later be used to reduce trading fees 50% (for non free trading users). The ALTCOINEX Token can later be used to invest directly in selected ICOs on ALTCOINEX Exchange.

ATC Tokens are ERC20-compilant Tokens and based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Our ICO is utilizing a Smart Contract, at which the ERC-20 compatible wallet which you will be sending the contribution from, will be the same to receive the ALTCOINEX Tokens. The ALTCOINEX Tokens will be in most cases transferred instantly to the wallet in which you are using to participate, speed depending on network traffic and gas used. Using the ATC tokens will be able after the ICO is fully finished.

Having a wallet that accepts ERC-20 compliant tokens is necessary to receive your ALTCOINEX Token allocation. ALTCOINEX Tokens are ERC-20 compliant tokens, which in short means they are for use within the Ethereum system. Therefore, most any wallet that holds Ethereum (ETH) should suffice. We suggest using www.myetherwallet.com, as it is the easiest to setup and takes less than 5 minutes to do so. Do not use an Exchange Wallet! It is highly recommended that you store your ALTCOINEX Tokens in an offline, cold storage solution. Trezor & Ledger Wallet are great hardware wallet solutions, supporting all ERC-20 Ethereum token types.